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Simon Larguier

Game Designer

Hello there!
I’m Simon Larguier, a French Game Designer who graduated from ISART Digital in 2020. I’m currently looking for a job opportunity in Game Design in a video game development studio.

Student projects


Play as a violinist exploring a gigantic musical realm in this tight and poetic 2D platformer, developed for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Path of Sorrow

Path of Sorrow is a two players beat'em up narrative experience that I worked on as a game designer. It tells the story of a Child going through the different stages of grief.

Moutain Wakes

Mountain Wakes is an open world adventure game made in 3 months by a peculiar team composed of 28 game designers as the final project in my third year at ISART Digital.

You're Da' Boss

You're Da Boss is a free-to-play game designed as a boss-rush... except you're playing the boss, fighting the prophecy hero, coming back to kill you every day.


Subterran is a tactical free-to-play developed in three months on Unity. The goal is to survive in a cave full of monsters and to escape through an extraction point.

Personal projects


Kintsugi is a 3D puzzle game where your goal is to build again some beautiful potteries that have been broken in pieces. Take the piece, look closely, and put it back in place!

Mighty Rivals

Mighty Rivals is a small 1v1 competitive scoring hack and slash experience. The goal is to get more score than your opponent by slashing waves of minions for a game of three minutes.

Blind Paint

In this drawing game, you're playing a achromat person who doesn't see color, but can hear it (synesthesia sound/color). Reproduce famous pictures with shades of grey by using your ears!


Freaktory is a puzzle game in which your goal is to manipulate genetics to create monsters. The whole game takes place on the genealogy tree of a family of monsters.

At the end of the day

In this one button game, you will live a 3D audio experience through the ears of an unknown character getting home. It might not be pleasant, but it's the only way right?


Tambouille is a physical card game that I'm working on in my free time. It is a competitive game, set in the universe of the French gastronomy. Come back later!

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