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Mountain Wakes

Mountain Wakes is an open-world adventure game made in 3 months by a peculiar team composed of 28 game designers as the final project in my third year at ISART Digital.

It's a very peculiar production, without programmers, artists, or sound designers students; that allowed us to explore different aspects of the game production and challenging situations.

I worked on level design, world story and design, dialogues, and sound design. Mountain Wakes is made in Unreal Engine.

Game Mechanics

Way before, there was a people living inside of a giant golem. One day, the golem stopped working and fell down. The people left the body of the golem to come outside and live on its body rather than inside, and eventually forgot the existence of this golem.

The player embodies a new apprentice in the cast of the rulers, trying to figure out his place in this world, and the mystery behind the grottos on his land...

The world of Mountain Wakes is divided into several areas, each populated by their own inhabitants. Those inhabitants give quests to the player, and sometimes help him find ancient glyphs. Those glyphs are actually ancient words used to control the golem, and eventually, the player finds the way to wake the golem up by using those glyphs.

Some of my work on Moutain Wakes

Level Design

I designed the village at the center of the map, along with some of my designer friends, integrating blocks and NPCs on the map.

World Design

One of the parts that interested me the most in Mountain Wakes was creating the world setting, the universe bible, and working towards creating a strong and coherent narrative identity. I also wrote dialogues for the NPCs present in my area, the village.

Sound Design

I took the lead on the sound design for Mountain Wakes and created all the ambiances in the different areas, as well as specific sound assets for the player abilities.

Student project

Third Year

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