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Blind Paint

Blind Paint is a painting game made in 72 hours by a team of 7 video game students, in Unity 3D, for ISART Digital's game week in 2018. The theme to answer was "following my calculations, it should be ok".

The player embodies an achromat person that doesn't see color but can hear them (synesthesia sound/color). You've got to reproduce famous pictures with shades of grey by using your ears!

As the bearer of the original idea, I worked as a game designer and project leader during Blind Paint's production; working with four game artists, a sound designer, and a programmer to create the game.

Game Mechanics

The game is divided into several levels, each asking the player to reproduce a famous and colored painting, but using a palette of grey shades.

Clicking on the grey shades at the center of the screen makes a specific sound with a specific instrument. Clicking on the colors on the real painting also makes a specific sound depending on the color. This allows the player to associate a color with a shade of grey, via sound design.

Then, the player can start drawing the lines on the canvas, and then colorize their painting. The game does not have a losing condition, as it’s more of a chill experience, but scoring is determined at the end to reward the use of appropriate colors and the quality of the contouring.

Some of my work on Blind Paint

Game Design

I pitched the original concept and was the only game designer on this project: I designed all the rules of the game, which colors would be used, and the general UI.

Project Management

As the pitcher and game designer, I helped every member of the team feel comfortable in the project while ensuring the game was doable in time. Managing the quantity of work given to our game artists was key for Blind Paint's production.

Assets integration

As our game artists and game programmer had a lot of work to do, I helped them with the processing and integration of the graphic assets. I mainly had to work in Adobe Illustrator and Unity 3D for this.

Personal Project

Isart Game Week

Download Blind Paint for free by clicking right here!

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