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Freaktory is the very first game jam game I made, during Global Game Jam 2018. I made it in collaboration with another game designer, a game programmer, and a sound designer.
Freaktory is a puzzle game designed around the theme of genealogy, genes manipulation, and monster breeding. 

Game Mechanics

Each one of the twelve levels is dedicated to a customer, coming to buy a newborn monster. The player needs to follow the requirements given by the customer (ofter cryptic), and interfere with the genes of the monster family, so the newborn has good characteristics.
For each level, the player can tick a given number of boxes. Each box is associated with a physical characteristic. Ticking a box makes a characteristic dominant, making it sure to be passed to the child of this monster.
The challenge is to tick the right boxes so the last born has all the physical characteristics required by the customer.

Some of my work on Freaktory

Game Design

One of the main challenges of this project was to design a doable game for my first game jam, with only a few people in the team. Choosing a puzzle game with a gameplay centered around the interface helped us to keep a healthy scope.

Level Design

I worked on the characteristics needed by the customers and the way they formulated their needs, to transform each level into an interesting enigma.

UI and Graphics

As we had no game artists in the group, I took this opportunity to work on a field that I have no formation on. I personally made all the interfaces and all the graphic content except for the monsters.

Personal Project

Global Game Jam

Download Freaktory for free by clicking right here!

Game trailer

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