This game is a Tactical Free-to-play in isometric view for mobile platforms developed in three months on Unity.
The goal is to survive in a cave full of vicious monsters and escape to the next cave through an extraction point.
I worked as a game designer on Subterran, in a team composed of designers, programmers, game artists, and sound designers.

Game Mechanics

In Subterran, the player is given three characters with different abilities and must survive until the end of a timer while enemies spawn continuously. At the end of the timer, the three characters must escape by reaching an extracting point on the grid.

Time passing by is represented by a timeline at the top of the screen. All the character and enemy movements and attacks, as well as environmental hazards, are placed on the timeline when they are cast, following each other, and playing after each other.

This makes Subterran a game that is played in real-time but unfolds as a turn-based game, requiring fast-paced reflection and precise movement.

Some of my work on Subterran

The Timeline

It’s the core feature of our game. I worked on its design rules, including the definition of very specific priorities between the actions that are cast simultaneously, and the UX of the timeline so everyone understands what actions are going to happen and at what time.

The Levels

I made one of the levels featured in Subterran, working on the monsters spawn, their timing, and the creation of an interesting and well-balanced grid with environmental hazards.

The Abilities

I worked along with the other designers to create different abilities for each character and NPC, so they all have distinct gameplay and stay relevant to the game.

School project

Third Year

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