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At the end 
of the day

This is my entry to Global Game Jam 2019, jamming with the theme "What home means to you" in under 48 hours.

This was the first time I was jamming as a solo dev, so I had to pick a very simple scope and stick to it, as I'm majorly specialized in Game Design, not code or graphics.

In this one-button game, you live a 3D audio experience through the ears of a character on his way back home. It might not be a pleasant walk, but it's the only way, right?

Game Mechanics

This is a narrative game with a very simple mechanic: the player presses the spacebar to move forward.
On their way back home, they encounter different events, represented by pictograms on screen as the narration relies heavily on audio.
But what happens when they finally reach home?

Some of my work on At the end of the day

Working Solo

It is the first project that I made by myself, during a game jam. Tackling all the aspects of game development while keeping a healthy work rhythm was an incredible challenge that made me more aware of the production stakes and more polyvalent.

Audio Spatialization

One of the main aspects I worked on was the audio spatialization, directly made in the game engine, which needed a lot of tweaking so that each little audio scene did not interfere with the other scenes.

Coding & Graphics

As I am not specialized in coding nor game art, I took this opportunity to work in a smart way, with simple assets, and practice my prototyping skills in C# in Unity 3D.

Personal Project

Global Game Jam

Download At the end of the day for free by clicking right here!

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