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Who am I ?

My name is Simon Larguier, I’m a French Game Designer who graduated with a master’s degree in 2020 at ISART Digital Paris.
I’m particularly interested in the experimental and artsy game development scene, for its innovation, its ability to convey strong emotions and messages, and its organic development. But I’m also very interested in bigger productions, who propose immersive universes and awesome game mechanics!

  My strengths

Polyvalence & Curiosity

I love to learn, to discover what I don’t already know, and to fill in the gaps of a production. Whether it is doing heavy research to create a world or a mechanic, delving into the depths of a game engine to iterate on level design, or making placeholder or marketing assets, I’m eager to find out about things and help to make awesome content.

Teamwork & Expression

Making games is possible alone, but it’s much easier in a team. It’s very important to me that everyone feels comfortable with the project they’re developing, and that they have the right tools to do so. I’m fluent in French and in English, spoken and written, and my design documents are written as precisely as possible.

Creativity & Analysis

Being innovative is important to me, but being analytic is important too to keep away from easy mistakes and biases. I wish for my work to be constantly analyzed by myself and other team members, and playtested often to grant the best possible experience.

My profesional experience

  • Game Design - I’ve been Game Designer at Projet Cartylion during an internship in 2017-2018. My job was mainly to create game concepts for mobile, adapted from the medieval-fantasy universe created by the company. I also playtested and analyzed the playtests made for the first board game of the company.

  • QA Testing - I’ve been an intern at Gamestream as a QA tester in 2019-2020. My main task was to ensure the functionality of the games proposed on the various Gamestream-powered platforms and report all bugs encountered to the dev team.

  • Game Localization - I’ve been working with various foreign game studios to localize several indie games in French for the PC audience. QFSW's "Subsideria", Eteru Studio's "Hostil" and "Oculto", Correcture Games' "Brink of Extinction" and "Atmocity" are live on Steam.

Contact me

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