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Mighty Rivals

Mighty Rivals is a small one vs one competitive scoring hack-and-slash experience.
The goal is to get a better score than your opponent by slashing waves of minions in a shared arena. Each game lasts for three minutes.

I was the game designer and team coordinator on this game, made in 4 days in Unity 3D for ISART Digital Game Week.

Game Mechanics

Both players, the blue one and the red one spawn on a shared arena, filled with small minions with their respective colors: some blue, some red. Slashing minions of your color grants you more damage and height, but slows you down as well as your attack speed. Slashing minions of the opposite color reduces your damage and height, but makes you and your attacks faster!

Both players can dash forward to reach the minions faster, but can also die when their HP falls to zero, which makes them lose a percentage of their total points and precious seconds!

After three minutes, the player with the most points wins the game.

Some of my work on Mighty Rivals

Design Rules

I designed the rules, the character abilities, and the level. The main challenge here was to know exactly where to stop, as we only had one programmer and one designer in this jam.

Team Management

I was the only game designer, and the most experienced in game jam, with some first-timers. I made sure everyone knew what they were doing, that the scope was healthy for the team, and most importantly, that they were having fun doing it.

Tweaking and Balancing

I balanced and tweaked the characters, and enemies stats and abilities, directly in Unity 3D. I also tweaked the enemy spawns, to make the risk and reward aspect rise gradually.

Personal Project

Isart Game Week

Download Mighty Rivals for free by clicking right here!

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