You're Da' Boss

You’re Da Boss is a free-to-play game made in Adobe Animate for mobile platforms. In this game, the player embodies a “boss”, a dungeon keeper, harassed by a hero on a quest to steal their riches. The Hero, when defeated, comes back every day until the boss dies.
This makes You’re Da Boss an “endless boss-rush” game, but where the Hero is the enemy.

It was made in under three months by a team composed of four game designers and four game programmers.

Game Mechanics

In You’re Da Boss, the player can customize the abilities of their boss, by equipping new body parts, and new attack patterns. Those attack patterns and body parts can be found by buying them with Hero’s bones, or in gachas, that you can find by playing and killing the hero countless times.
The player can cast their attacks in-game with a simple swipe. The attacks work in a rock paper scissor fashion, making some attacks strong in some situations and weaker in other situations.
The Hero is also an important feature, as he is aware of the kind of attack patterns the player uses, and gradually comes back stronger with hard to counter patterns.

Some of my work on You're Da' Boss

Game Art

As we had no game artists, I personally designed several bosses directly in Adobe Animate, which helped me understand better the production and integration of assets.

Game Design

I worked along with my designer teammates to create interesting and balanced gameplay and in particular the attack patterns and the balancing of the different boss’ body parts.

The Abilities

As we had no composer and sound designer, I took this opportunity to work on a field that I have no formation on. I personally made the whole sound design of the game, including twenty attacks of the dungeon keeper.

Student Project

Second Year

Isart Digital Award


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